Achieve highest accuracies even in confined spaces

The high-precision miniature guide MINIRAIL by SCHNEEBERGER is small in size but big in its possibilities. MINIRAIL is a high-tech linear guide that impresses with its precision, robustness and versatility. Expandable if required with an integrated measuring system and long-term lubrication. We would like to introduce you to some advantages and possibilities of MINIRAIL and MINISCALE PLUS.

Customer benefits

MINIRAIL are excellently suitable miniature guides to reliably achieve the highest accuracy in the smallest of spaces. The possible accelerations are up to 300 m/s² at a maximum speed of 5 m/s. In combination with the integrated measuring system MINISCALE PLUS, the functions «Guidance» and «Measuring» can be combined in an ideal and compact way. As a further option, the maintenance effort can be minimized with the integrated long-term lubrication LUBE-S.

Low design effort

The MINISCALE PLUS measuring system is integrated in the SCHNEEBERGER miniature guide MINIRAIL. This eliminates all expenses for additional, separate length measuring systems. Thanks to fewer components, the design is considerably simplified. At the same time, less space is needed, allowing a more compact design. As MINISCALE PLUS is also based on the successful MINIRAIL design, lifetime values ​​are also absolutely comparable. MINISCALE PLUS is therefore the right solution for many applications.

Integrated long-term lubrication

As a further option, SCHNEEBERGER also offers the integrated long-term lubrication LUBE-S for MINIRAIL. This ensures long-lasting, uninterrupted and safe operation. The associated, largely maintenance-free has a favorable effect on the maintenance costs. Naturally, LUBE-S guarantees the full performance spectrum of MINIRAIL, with direct and metered lubrication in every installation position.

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