Highest precision production with a long service life

SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL BM in sizes BM 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 with their 8 different carriage types has been successfully used throughout the entire industrial spectrum for a long time. Areas of application include machine tool building as well as biotechnology, medical technology, semiconductor industry, laboratory automation, measurement technology, automation, robotics and the optical industry.

customer benefits

The precise production of MONORAIL BM makes the profiled linear guideway the first choice in most industrial applications, where highest accuracy and a long service life with constant performance are required. Further advantages include excellent running properties, low pulsation, low coefficients of friction and high travel speeds thanks to optimum rolling element circulation. The rail profile and the 6 mounting holes per carriage also ensure high guiding and connecting rigidity. All this makes MONORAIL BM a reliable, economical and robust solution.

Long service life with minimal maintenance

MONORAIL BM is characterized by minimal maintenance. The carriages are equipped with longitudinal and transverse wipers as standard. This ensures efficient sealing and effectively prevents the ingress of dirt. This reduces lubricant losses to a minimum. This means increased service life with minimal maintenance, optimally adapted to the installation situation.

Measuring systems, rails with racks and accessories

With the optionally available integrated position measuring systems AMSA, AMSABS and AMSD, MONORAIL BM can be equipped for measurements close to the working process. In addition, with the MONORAIL BZ, the linear guideways can enhance their characteristic performance with the advantages of a high-precision integrated rack and pinion drive. Depending on the field of application, further accessories such as bellows, additional scrapers, lubrication plates and much more are available for MONORAIL BM. For example, to increase maintenance intervals and extend the service life in addition.

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