Highest precision production with a long service life

FORMULA-S is manufactured for three different sizes of the RN family (3, 4 and 6) as well as RNG (4, 6 and 9). In connection constructions, at most the thickness of the clips that hold the racks in place must be taken into account. With this exception, rails with FORMULA-S are practically identical to the guides without forced control.

No cage-creeping

In each linear guide, the cage can move in the longitudinal axis of the center. This so-called "cage creeping" can significantly affect the effectiveness of your application. On the one hand the optimal load distribution is no longer given by the shifted cage and on the other hand the cage has to be centered again with great force. FORMULA-S starts right there because it keeps the cage always in the ideal position.

Solid, even on a small scale

The robust, clearly structured and only a few components of the FORMULA-S cage control meets all demands in terms of productivity and efficiency. It is solid, even on a small scale and works trouble-free. Due to the sophisticated design, each with a rack on the rail and a revolving gear in the cage, FORMULA-S works with SCHNEEBERGER's typical reliability.

Customer benefits

FORMULA-S, the SCHNEEBERGER cage force control works in any position, regardless of the pre-tensioning of the guide. Fault-free operation, high accelerations and no readjustment of the cage are among the advantages of the cage control. In addition, shape and position tolerances of the surrounding structure or temperature differences do not lead to cage hikes. The guide always runs evenly, which guarantees a long service life.

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