SCHNEEBERGER is also continuing to develop its profiled rail guides on the basis of experience in the field of application. For example, MONORAIL MR has recently implemented the following improvements under the designation 4S:

  • Serviceability: compatible with the previous generation, easy replacement of the cross wiper.
  • Lubricant distribution: application-oriented lubricant distribution and pressure-tight lubrication channels and lubrication even at standstill.
  • Shock resistance: rigidity-optimized car body.
  • Resistant to dirt: robust stainless steel front plate with stable attachment, consistently good running properties and optimized double-lip cross wiper.

Features and customer benefits

Profild rail guides MONORAIL MR from SCHNEEBERGER are characterized by their high rigidity, their high dynamic and static load-bearing capacity, and the smooth running of the carriages sealed on all sides. These features predestine MONORAIL MR for use in powerful machine tools or for applications where high travel speeds are required. For customers, MONORAIL means a rolling guide that meets the economic requirements of modern machine- and plant engineering.

Minimal maintenance, long service life

The already existing, efficient sealing is continuously getting improved. The ingress of dirt is now even more effectively prevented. Also with regard to the lubricant losses, this results in a further reduction. This means a further increase in service life with minimal maintenance, optimally adapted to the installation situation. And the development continues. SCHNEEBERGER will continue to research possibilities for improvement in the future.

Integrated measuring system

For exact linear movements an extremely precise distance measurement is required. SCHNEEBERGER offers cost-optimized solutions for a wide range of applications with its integrated AMS position measuring systems. Thanks to the integrated distance measurement, there is no need for extra work during installation and construction. In addition, the repeatability of the axle increases, which improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the overall system.

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