BGP Philosophy

The BGP Philosophy

The founding of BGP Blazevic in 2010 was deeply rooted in almost 30 years of experience in linear technology. It marked the beginning of a trading company with a tested-and-true company philosophy.

Our know-how in linear technology, paired with the sector-wide renowned dependability and reliability of the BGP inventory makes us a strong partner for you. We guarantee to provide professional technical assistance and smooth logistical processes for companies and corporations regardless of size.

With SCHNEEBERGER as a partner, we have applied the highest quality standard and an excellent price-performance ratio to our wide range of products, which we aim to continuously expand.


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  • Quality, flexibility and versatility to adapt to individual customer needs over and over again.
  • Reliability and consistency as basic requirements our customers can expect.
  • Satisfaction and trust of our customers as most valuable measure of our performance.