In addition to the one-axis linear systems as a partner of IMPEX Tecniche Lineari by Movitec for the German-speaking market we do also offer whole portals in collaboration with IMPEX. We plan biaxial and triaxial portals from project planning and design through to assembly of the entire application. These portals can be customized and totally adapted to your specifications.

Portal BGP-P17-094-0000-04

XZ portal

X-stroke: 1500mm (toothed belt)
Z-stroke: 300mm (ball screw)
With adjustable support plates for the steel frame
Lubrication holes in both axes 5 x 1/8 ''
Equipment with fall protection and energy chains
Speed: Configurable according to the engine
Max. feed force: 10,680 N
Max. speed: 3000 rpm
Max. acceleration: 15 m / s²

The data can be configured according to customer requirements (other spindles, toothed belts or guides, strokes, loads, speeds, accelerations, support plates, etc.)