Mechanical systems and appliances

Mechanical systems and appliances

Whether linear testing appliances, optical measuring devices, small and large cross tables or other special devices of all kinds, we are happy to plan your project and adapt it to your specific needs.

One-rail XY-Table BGP-LFT-XY-BM20

X-Y Stage with BM20 recirculating ball guide

Height: 70mm
Stat. load rating: 31,400 N
Dyn. load rating: 14,400 N
Stat. torque: 292 Nm
Dyn. torque: 134 Nm
Connection thread: M5
Hole distances: 60mm

With all desired rail lengths!

The data can be configured according to customer requirements (other sizes, double rail stages, other heights, customer-specific intermediate plates)

Internal test device BGP-TV-001-MNN9-0090

  • Test device for MINIRAIL MNN9 carriages
  • Adaptable concept to customer needs for tests and measurements
  • With desired loads and strokes

Calibration unit BGP-LM-MGB-20180227

Optical calibration unit for calibration of cameras

  • High-quality concept with measuring accuracies of up to 10μm
  • Built with Movitec Axis TVP-200A M
  • Stroke: 950mm

The data can be configured according to customer requirements (other axis, accuracies, strokes, loads, speeds)