Miniature precision tables

Miniature precision table

The BGP miniature precision table was developed in 2019 and is suitable for the high-precision adjustment of light to medium-weight workpieces in a wide variety of applications. The table is constructed of elements made of low-distortion aluminum and black or natural anodised. The slightly preloaded, high-precision miniature guides ensure a precise run. The ground 6x1 ball screw enables precise, backlash-free adjustment of the table.

With the precision angular ball bearing with pronounced contact angle in paired bearings with O bearing arrangement, BGP ensures high rigidity thanks to the heighened support surface and ensures a round run of the ball screw drive.

The motor mount is aligned for mounting the Beckhoff AM811X and is customizable. Various mounting options allow mounting from above as well as from below.


Miniature precision table


Stroke: 50 mm
Repetition accurracy: 10 µm
Engine Preparation: for Beckhoff AM811X
Max. Speed: 3600 1/min
Axiale load peak: 150 N
Static load: 530 N
Dynamic load: 380 N
Admissible dynamic torque crosswise: 12 Nm
Admissible dynamic torque lengthwise: 10 Nm
Allowable temperature range: -20 ... + 80 °C