Slides and positioning tables

Linear slides and positioning tables

Highest accuracy and reliability

Linear tables have been known for decades for high accuracy, reliability and optimum operating characteristics. Because of their preloaded roller guides, the roller tables work with absolutely no clearance.

Linear slides and positioning tables

Slides with rollers

The type NK roller tables, either made of steel or cast iron, consist of identical upper and lower sections and the corresponding R-type longitudinal guides. All tables are equipped with Type AC roller cages and GB type end caps and can be used for horizontal and vertical installation.

Type NKL impresses with its lightweight design, which is possible due to the use of aluminum components. For the standard version, the stroke limitation is the same as for type NK.

NE linear slides are designed as a closed version. That means that the small distance between the upper and lower part prevents the ingress of dirt.

All sizes are equipped with R type longitudinal guides and can be used for all directions of movement. Table parts in aluminum, linear guides in rust-resistant design.

Micro roller slides

The materials used in the construction of micro roller slides type MS MINISLIDE allow their use in many applications, such as under high temperature or ultra-high vacuum. A high process reliability allows the cage forced control. MINISLIDE tables are extremely robust and convince in every application with their high running quality, their precision and reliability.

The micro roller slides type ND consist of equally long upper and lower parts, whereby the lower part formed as a double prism is through-hardened.

The micro roller tables type NDN consist of equal length upper and lower parts and can be used horizontally and vertically. NDN micro roller tables are preloaded without backlash, the sliding resistance is extremely low. NDN products support high dynamic demands with highest precision and lifetime.

Positioning tables

The positioning table type NFM is positioned manually via the threaded spindle. It has pre-tensioned, backlash-free plastic nuts and a scale ring with a reading accuracy of 0.01 mm. Modular design, different table lengths for strokes from 25 to 150 mm. The use of type NFM is possible in all directions of movement / mounting positions.

The NH 1-axis positioning table consists of SCHNEEBERGER type R2-RF longitudinal guides. Manual stroke adjustment by micrometer, with the top held in position with a spring relative to the micrometer. Reading accuracy at the micrometer 0,01mm. The positioning tables NH consist of square lower and upper parts. This shape allows the positioning tables to be easily assembled into 2-axis tables. Possible application horizontally and vertically. Table parts consist of aluminum.