Gear racks

Cost-effective drive element, especially for strokes of more than 2 m.

Racks are preferably used in dirty environmental conditions or large axial forces. Over the entire length this drive element has the same rigidity.

We offer modules 4 - 20 with metric or modular pitch, helical or straight teeth. The max. one-piece length is 3000 mm, any sequence is guaranteed.

The teeth can be milled or ground, depending on the customer's requirements.
Another special feature: different hardening processes are possible. Depending on the load, you can choose between soft, nitrided, inductively hardened and hardened rack.
The best gear quality is Q4 (pitch single deviation fp = 0.003 mm, total pitch deviation Fp = 0.015 / 1000 mm).

Standard gear racks - straight toothed

Standard gear racks - helical toothed

In typical industrial dimensions, helical toothed racks are available from module 2 to module 12. The respective load case determines different materials, hardness conditions and accuracies.

Industries: Stainless steel industry, food industry, medicine or packaging industry

Customized gear racks

If the standardized dimensions of the rack on the customer side do not fit into the intended design, we are able to provide a customized solution. The customer can choose any rack up to module 20 made of different materials. The maximum, one-piece length is 3000 mm. The customer configures the rack he needs.