Profiled rail guides

Profiled rail guides
The roller guide MONORAIL MR is designed for the machine tool industry and more, the ball guides type BM for a variety of industrial applications.

High-precision MONORAIL MR profiled guideways with rollers and MONORAIL BM profiled guideways with balls are used worldwide for a wide range of tasks in the machine tool industry - from simple handling tasks to heavy machining processes.


Profiled guideways and integrated measuring systems


Very good dynamic properties and high efficiency are the characteristics of linear ball bearings SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL BM.
  • High rigidity and high load capacity in all directions
  • Calm, soft, low-vibration and low-friction running
  • Speed up to 5 m/s and accelerations up to 100 m/s²
  • Carriage and rail types for mounting from above or below
  • One-piece rail length up to 6 m
  • Various types of coatings for corrosion protection
  • Integrated displacement encoder available
  • Integrated on-rail gear rack possible
Stainless steel
SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL BM WR/SR have been specially developed for requirements who reach the limits of conventional coatings of linear guideways. This occurs in processes with undesired emission of particles or when the performance of the products is affected by corrosion.

Roller Type MR

High rigidity, high dynamic and static load capacity, smooth running and the all-round sealings of the carriages are the main features of the MONORAIL MR guide. The properties of this linear motion technology enable higher machining performance with better dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the workpieces to be machined. The high rigidity results in a better vibration behavior with smaller vibration amplitudes which enables a longer tool life.

  • Highest accuracy of rail sets by grinding the systems in the set and different methods in the mating of rails
  • Carriages and rails for attachment from above and below
  • One-piece up to 6 m length
  • Outstanding rail straightness as a result of years of optimization of grinding and straightening processes
  • Variety of accessories and design options
  • Various anti-corrosion coatings