Linear bearings and recirculating units

Linear bearings and recirculating units

Linear bearings with rollers, balls or needles

SCHNEEBERGER linear guideways are known for high accuracy, high reliability and good operating characteristics. A wide range of different guide types is equipped with rollers, balls or needles depending on the application and requirements.

Circulating body with balls, rollers, needle roller bearings or needle cages

Circulating bodies are linear guidance systems for unlimited stroke lengths. Depending on the design and load, rollers or balls are used which are returned without load internally, so that a continuous process is guaranteed.

Linear bearings and recirculating units

Linear cage bearings

  • The R-Type linear bearing can be fitted with rollers or balls and is suitable for many applications from medium to high requirements.
  • Thanks to the extended contact surface of the roller with the guide, the performance of the RN linear guide is greatly increased while maintaining the same level of installation.
  • With the smallest installation dimensions, high-strength guide concepts with roller bearings can be realized with Type RNG.
  • Space-saving solutions result from the RD linear guide, cross-roller guide and ball guide.
  • The Needle Roller N / O Linear Guide is a guide designed to use needle cages.
  • These roller guides and needle-cage linear guides type M / V are suitable for high load applications.

Recirculating units

  • The circulating body type SK is equipped with balls and is suitable for small to medium loads. It is used in combination with SCHNEEBERGER type R or type RD linear guides.
  • Also with the recirculating unit type SKD, which, in addition equipped with damping elements, produces an improved running smoothness.
  • The recirculating unit type SKC, together with SCHNEEBERGER linear guideways type R or RD, allows an unlimited displacement. The recirculating body SKC is identical to the SCHNEEBERGER roller bodies type SK and SR. It is suitable for small to medium loads. The combination of coated steel, ceramic and balls made of Teflon® makes it particularly suitable for dry running, vacuum and clean room applications.
  • The circulating unit type SR has crosswise inserted rollers and is suitable for medium to high loads. When used in conjunction with SCHNEEBERGER linear guideways, this results in the same mounting dimensions as the SK type but with a higher load capacity and rigidity.