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NEW product manager for rolling bearings

We are pleased to inform you that since the beginning of the month our new employee,

Mr Ulrich Listl, will be expanding the roller bearing division at BGP!

He has been a renowned expert in the field of rolling bearings for more than 35 years.

Mr Listl has a very broad, well-founded understanding of rolling bearing products

and customer requirements in the rolling bearing sector.

In his function as managing partner of PIH Wälzlager GmbH

he has made a name for himself throughout Germany over the last 12 years as a specialist for rolling bearings.

As product manager, Mr Listl has a very broad area of responsibility:

He is focussing on expanding the strategic product portfolio,

to effectively market our rolling bearing products.

This includes analysing the market, identifying customer needs and working with suppliers and

liaising with suppliers and customers to coordinate the supply chain.

He is also responsible for managing the entire product life cycle

from the introduction of new products to the phasing out of obsolete models.

He will continue to maintain strong, close relationships with our bearing customers and distribution partners,

to obtain feedback, understand customer needs and build and develop the best customer relationships.

Mr Listl also monitors the quality of the bearings produced and works closely with the QA team,

to ensure that all products meet quality standards.

He also identifies opportunities to continuously improve quality.

"We are convinced that Mr Listl will be an asset to our team."

SCHNEEBERGER Global Channel Partner Program

Last week on February 9th 2024, Mr Walter Lenk and Mr Andreas Himly hand over the partner certificate to Mr Stipo (Stephan) Blazevic (Managing Director of BGP-Blazevic GmbH & Co KG).

We are the third company in the SCHNEEBERGER Global Channel Partner Programme to receive this partner certificate.

Many thanks to SCHNEEBERGER for this recognition.

This partnership symbolises our shared commitment to innovation and quality.

We look forward to the future of this partnership and are confident that the strength and potential of our joint efforts will continue.

all about automation Düsseldorf

Since 2014, "all about automation" has been presented at seven locations throughout Germany.

After we were able to present our innovations at the aaa location in Friedrichshafen last year and again this year,

this year we were also represented in Heilbronn in May and now also in Düsseldorf on 18 and 19 October 2023.


With higher visitor numbers than in the previous year, we were able to hold some concrete consultations on already planned projects

and left all about automation in Düsseldorf with valuable new contacts and insights.


We would like to thank all visitors for their interest in our company and in working with us.

You are in good hands with us.

all about automation Heilbronn

It was once again time for a trade fair with BGP-Blazevic GmbH & Co. KG.

This time we were in Heilbronn at the all about automation.

The fair was open from May 10th to May 11th and the trade visitors were very communicative.

In intensive consultations, we made valuable new contacts. We would like to thank all visitors for the exchange.

And we would also like to thank the trade fair organization for the well-structured trade fair.

See you in Düsseldorf in October.

all about automation Friedrichshafen

We were in Friedrichshafen at all about automation.

There was a lively exchange with some regular customers, but new contacts were also made.

But this should not be the last all about automation for this year.

This year we will be in Heilbronn in May and in Düsseldorf in October.

MOTEK 2019

We look back on a very interesting week at the FMB 2022. Plenty of customer visits and new contacts enriched our stand B33. With this step, BGP presented itself as a competitive and professionally positioned supplier for all customers on the market - for small and medium-sized companies as well as for the "big players".

10 year company anniversary

We congratulate Mr. Thomas Wagner on his 10th company anniversary and thank him for his tireless efforts.

BGP management regarding the corona virus

Dear Business Partners,
dear business friends,

we, company BGP BLAZEVIC, follow the developments regarding the spread of the coronavirus very closely and would like to inform you about our measures in this extraordinary situation.

The health and safety of all our employees and business partners has top priority!

At the same time, we would like to continue to assure our business partners of the accustomed, excellent service as well as the accustomed, good delivery ability of our high-quality products.

We take all possible measures to be able to continue to process our customers' orders with the usual high reliability and quality. We are doing everything in our power to do this and are confident that we can master this challenge well. E.g. we take turns in the company (alternating shifts in compliance with hygiene regulations) and someone work sometimes from home offices to ensure an appropriate distance from colleagues and business partners. We mainly stay at home and we are in the company to be save/there for you!

We wish you all the best and hope that you, your families and friends as well as all of your employees will get through this difficult time unscathed.


Kind regards from Regensburg

Stephan Blazevic with BGP-Team
Managing Director

Phone: +49 / (0)941 / 463 704 – 0
Mobil:  +49 / (0)151 /  40 11 26 25
Fax:        +49 / (0)941 / 463 704 – 50

10 years of BGP

A company´s tenth anniversary is a good reason to look forward into a promising future. But for BGP it is also an opportunity to help those who were not so lucky. That is why we decided not to put the budget for the company anniversary into a big celebration, but to distribute it to non-profit organisations in our region.

The money was used to benefit three regional institutions: The Thomas Wiser House in Regenstauf, wich helps abused and misstreated girls and women, the support centre for people with intellectual disabilities in Schwabelweis of the Barmherzige Brüder Reichenbach Hospital, and the KUNO Foundation in Regensburg, wich is helping children in hospitals. Each institution was donated on the company's anniversary on 25 February with 1,000 euros for their social work.


Achieve highest accuracies even in confined spaces

The high-precision miniature guide MINIRAIL by SCHNEEBERGER is small in size but big in its possibilities. MINIRAIL is a high-tech linear guide that impresses with its precision, robustness and versatility. Expandable if required with an integrated measuring system and long-term lubrication. We would like to introduce you to some advantages and possibilities of MINIRAIL and MINISCALE PLUS.

Customer benefits

MINIRAIL are excellently suitable miniature guides to reliably achieve the highest accuracy in the smallest of spaces. The possible accelerations are up to 300 m/s² at a maximum speed of 5 m/s. In combination with the integrated measuring system MINISCALE PLUS, the functions «Guidance» and «Measuring» can be combined in an ideal and compact way. As a further option, the maintenance effort can be minimized with the integrated long-term lubrication LUBE-S.

Low design effort

The MINISCALE PLUS measuring system is integrated in the SCHNEEBERGER miniature guide MINIRAIL. This eliminates all expenses for additional, separate length measuring systems. Thanks to fewer components, the design is considerably simplified. At the same time, less space is needed, allowing a more compact design. As MINISCALE PLUS is also based on the successful MINIRAIL design, lifetime values ​​are also absolutely comparable. MINISCALE PLUS is therefore the right solution for many applications.

Integrated long-term lubrication

As a further option, SCHNEEBERGER also offers the integrated long-term lubrication LUBE-S for MINIRAIL. This ensures long-lasting, uninterrupted and safe operation. The associated, largely maintenance-free has a favorable effect on the maintenance costs. Naturally, LUBE-S guarantees the full performance spectrum of MINIRAIL, with direct and metered lubrication in every installation position.


Highest precision production with a long service life

SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL BM in sizes BM 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 with their 8 different carriage types has been successfully used throughout the entire industrial spectrum for a long time. Areas of application include machine tool building as well as biotechnology, medical technology, semiconductor industry, laboratory automation, measurement technology, automation, robotics and the optical industry.

customer benefits

The precise production of MONORAIL BM makes the profiled linear guideway the first choice in most industrial applications, where highest accuracy and a long service life with constant performance are required. Further advantages include excellent running properties, low pulsation, low coefficients of friction and high travel speeds thanks to optimum rolling element circulation. The rail profile and the 6 mounting holes per carriage also ensure high guiding and connecting rigidity. All this makes MONORAIL BM a reliable, economical and robust solution.

Long service life with minimal maintenance

MONORAIL BM is characterized by minimal maintenance. The carriages are equipped with longitudinal and transverse wipers as standard. This ensures efficient sealing and effectively prevents the ingress of dirt. This reduces lubricant losses to a minimum. This means increased service life with minimal maintenance, optimally adapted to the installation situation.

Measuring systems, rails with racks and accessories

With the optionally available integrated position measuring systems AMSA, AMSABS and AMSD, MONORAIL BM can be equipped for measurements close to the working process. In addition, with the MONORAIL BZ, the linear guideways can enhance their characteristic performance with the advantages of a high-precision integrated rack and pinion drive. Depending on the field of application, further accessories such as bellows, additional scrapers, lubrication plates and much more are available for MONORAIL BM. For example, to increase maintenance intervals and extend the service life in addition.


Highest precision production with a long service life

FORMULA-S is manufactured for three different sizes of the RN family (3, 4 and 6) as well as RNG (4, 6 and 9). In connection constructions, at most the thickness of the clips that hold the racks in place must be taken into account. With this exception, rails with FORMULA-S are practically identical to the guides without forced control.

No cage-creeping

In each linear guide, the cage can move in the longitudinal axis of the center. This so-called "cage creeping" can significantly affect the effectiveness of your application. On the one hand the optimal load distribution is no longer given by the shifted cage and on the other hand the cage has to be centered again with great force. FORMULA-S starts right there because it keeps the cage always in the ideal position.

Solid, even on a small scale

The robust, clearly structured and only a few components of the FORMULA-S cage control meets all demands in terms of productivity and efficiency. It is solid, even on a small scale and works trouble-free. Due to the sophisticated design, each with a rack on the rail and a revolving gear in the cage, FORMULA-S works with SCHNEEBERGER's typical reliability.

Customer benefits

FORMULA-S, the SCHNEEBERGER cage force control works in any position, regardless of the pre-tensioning of the guide. Fault-free operation, high accelerations and no readjustment of the cage are among the advantages of the cage control. In addition, shape and position tolerances of the surrounding structure or temperature differences do not lead to cage hikes. The guide always runs evenly, which guarantees a long service life.



SCHNEEBERGER is also continuing to develop its profiled rail guides on the basis of experience in the field of application. For example, MONORAIL MR has recently implemented the following improvements under the designation 4S:

  • Serviceability: compatible with the previous generation, easy replacement of the cross wiper.
  • Lubricant distribution: application-oriented lubricant distribution and pressure-tight lubrication channels and lubrication even at standstill.
  • Shock resistance: rigidity-optimized car body.
  • Resistant to dirt: robust stainless steel front plate with stable attachment, consistently good running properties and optimized double-lip cross wiper.

Features and customer benefits

Profild rail guides MONORAIL MR from SCHNEEBERGER are characterized by their high rigidity, their high dynamic and static load-bearing capacity, and the smooth running of the carriages sealed on all sides. These features predestine MONORAIL MR for use in powerful machine tools or for applications where high travel speeds are required. For customers, MONORAIL means a rolling guide that meets the economic requirements of modern machine- and plant engineering.

Minimal maintenance, long service life

The already existing, efficient sealing is continuously getting improved. The ingress of dirt is now even more effectively prevented. Also with regard to the lubricant losses, this results in a further reduction. This means a further increase in service life with minimal maintenance, optimally adapted to the installation situation. And the development continues. SCHNEEBERGER will continue to research possibilities for improvement in the future.

Integrated measuring system

For exact linear movements an extremely precise distance measurement is required. SCHNEEBERGER offers cost-optimized solutions for a wide range of applications with its integrated AMS position measuring systems. Thanks to the integrated distance measurement, there is no need for extra work during installation and construction. In addition, the repeatability of the axle increases, which improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the overall system.